Inspire  Me Mandalas

Inspire Me Mandalas: Original art by Shabeena   


I always love to hear how my clients feel about their mandalas.  What makes the mandala art form so personal is the experiences and feelings you have, so we would all love to hear yours!       Shabeena

Quotes My wife Stephanie and I couldn't be happier with the Mandalas we have! What struck us most about Shabeena's art is just what went in to the original Mandala we have. Shabeena took the time to show us her portfolio asking our likes and dislikes but she interviewed us as to why. Of course like any married couple we liked different things! The finished product was perfect blend of both our tastes. The original painting was amazing, but once we saw the 3D work, it blew us away. I am proud to say we now have 5 proudly displayed in our bedroom. Thank you Shabeena! Quotes
Tim and Stephanie Pohanka
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Quotes When I first encountered Shabeena's amazing mandalas, the energies that washed over me were awe-inspiring. In learning more about Inspire Me Mandalas, I understood why I was so connected to them. Shabeena has a gift. Her mandalas offer energetic blessings on every level, from soul, all the way down to pure raw physicality. They access and support the multi-dimensional dance that we all hold within us, but can often forget. Their power, beauty, detail, and significance, will impact your life. These mandalas are gifts from The Divine, made possible by a truly pure angelic spirit who walks the Earth. You will be so very blessed to have them as a part of your life. Quotes
Elan O'Brien