Inspire  Me Mandalas

Inspire Me Mandalas: Original art by Shabeena   

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Do you have an adult mandala coloring-book? Do you find it fun, relaxing, peaceful, and therapeutic to color? Now imagine actually creating a mandala design of your own! A timeless design that holds meaning and represents YOU, your identity, your dreams, aspirations and your purpose!

Whether you see yourself as an artist, or feel that this project may be too challenging, please understand that what makes mandalas so unique, is that ANYONE can create them. In fact, they’re like a signature. Under expert and patient guidance and in a supportive, non-judgmental environment, all you need is a little curiosity and an open mind and heart. You’ll be amazed by the power you have to create and connect with your soul. It’s a beautiful form of meditation, and can provide precious insights.


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